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The Apache House Interviews: Justen Renyer

Published 8y ago -

I know Justen from back in the day when he was a vis comm graduate student at OU and I was a sophomore. During critiques, I think we all trusted his advice more than our regular professors because of his keen eye for design as well as his awesome Brooklyn acce... More »

The Non

Published 8y ago -

The Non has been causing quite a stir lately with all the hype for their new album Tadaima. I’m really diggin’ the new album art and the general direction these guys are going. Their mathy instrumentals are a welcomed sound in the local scene. Plus... More »

Hannah Phillips

Published 8y ago -

Hannah’s gorgeous prints and paintings have been used by bands like The Panda Resistance and Dead Sea Choir. She’s a bit of a recluse, but if you manage to get your hands on some of her work, don’t let go. Where are you from? I grew up in Tul... More »

Esteban Pulido

Published 9y ago -

I’m not sure why I had never seen Esteban’s work until recently, because he has some of the freshest photography around. His portfolio site has several wonderful projects that definitely deserve a look. I added a few photos from his People and Wher... More »

The Apache House interviews Samantha Crain

Published 9y ago -

Some of my favorite memories of high school include driving to the city and listening to a girl with a surprisingly powerful, absolutely beautiful voice play her own folk songs at Galileo’s on the weekends. I even bought a little 5-song CD from her, with... More »

Sarah Capshaw

Published 9y ago -

I first found out about Sarah’s secret life as an artist a few months ago when she told me about her upcoming Emergent Artist show at Mainsite. That show is opening this Friday from 7-9 and also features work by Danford Mitchell, Michael Lortz, and Eric ... More »

Riley Harmon

Published 9y ago -

Riley Harmon and I went through the foundation art classes at the University of Oklahoma. He is someone who I am excited to see where his creative works take him. I will one day be able to tell my kids I knew Riley Harmon. Where are you from? The threshold of ... More »

Thomas Shahan

Published 9y ago -

Thomas Shahan has recently become somewhat of a local celebrity around Norman. He was featured in the October issue of Popular Photography Magazine and interviewed on the Today Show a few weeks back for his macro bug photography. Not only is he a great photogr... More »

Hilary Pitchlynn

Published 9y ago -

Penny Hill is the stage name of one of Norman’s beloved singer/songwriters Hilary Pitchlynn. By herself or teamed up with some wonderfully talented friends, Hilary bends hearts with her beautiful, willowy voice. That’s the best way I know how to de... More »

Curtis Jones

Published 9y ago -

Curtis pretty much taught me everything I know about printmaking and being unbelievably tedious. His obsession with repetition is something I find incredibly inspirational. When he is not too busy teaching people to be creative he works with printmaking, thoug... More »

Calvin Son

Published 9y ago -

Photo by Tammy Tso Calvin Son is a shockingly talented breakdancer and journalist, as well as a self-proclaimed Miley Cyrus fan and an SAT tutor. He runs the b-boy site More Than a Stance, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he came out with a hip-hop album o... More »

Sethy McCarroll

Published 9y ago -

Sethy is one of those people who somehow seem to be able to shape the creative atmosphere of Norman. Maybe that’s because he’s involved with just about everything. You can find his music work here, here, here, and here. And some of his printmaking ... More »