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Oklahoma’s Environmental Challenges

Published 3y ago -

Johnson Bridgwater is the director of the Sierra Club of Oklahoma Chapter, an environmental organization in the United States. This pod­cast is par of the se­ries “Pause Cafe” by Olivier Rey, an in­de­pen­dent jour­nal­ist and pod­caster in Ok­... More »

Indigenous sovereignty should be taken seriously

Published 4y ago -

by Olivier Rey, Red Dirt Re­port NORMAN, Okla. – Ashley Nicole McCray, a local activist for Native American rights in Oklahoma, talked to Red Dirt Report on the recent events regarding protests against oil pipelines in Oklahoma, and also the unsuccessful at... More »

Beyond the Tap: Preparing for water ‘booms and busts’

Published 10y ago -

by Asia Scudder On January 21 the City of Norman hosted the second in a series of water related forums. Kyle Arthur of the Oklahoma Water Resource Board spoke about how Oklahoma has gone through "boom and bust" periods of water availability since the mid-1800... More »

Beyond The Tap: Q&A on Norman water issues

Published 11y ago -

by Asia Scudder In order to gain a better perspective of our local water issues I spoke to Ken Komiske, Utilities Director for the City of Norman and Charles Wesner, Chair of the Sierra Club Oklahoma Chapter... More »

Monday Links

Published 11y ago -

Muslim teen alleges discrimination by Tulsa Abercrombie & Fitch Tulsa council candidates discuss equal rights for gays Raptorex comes to Norman Some say Oklahoma’s poultry lawsuit has led to cleaner river More Oklahoma schools pledging to fight clima... More »

Beyond The Tap: Could we run out of water?

Published 11y ago -

by Asia Scudder Every morning, most of us without much thought will take a shower, make coffee, shave, brush teeth, water the yard – we have an unquestioned, plentiful supply of water available for our daily needs. And clean water is essential for health... More »

Thursday Links

Published 11y ago -

Juvenile detention agency may have furloughs Mint excludes Survivor Tree from Oklahoma quarter Oklahoma County officials defend staff raises Oklahoma bankruptcies up almost 30 percent from last year Mercury Marine will pay back Oklahoma tax incentives Edmond p... More »

Jim Roth: Is the Chevrolet Volt a good jolt or not?

Published 11y ago -

From The Journal Record: Whether you believe that human activity is a cause of climate change or not, you probably would opt for a car that gets better mileage and creates fewer emissions than your current car or truck, if at the same or lower price as your ga... More »

Inspectors investigate pipe dumping into Oklahoma River

Published 11y ago -

From The Oklahoma Gazette: The anonymous tipster had interesting news for the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry officials. There was a tinhorn dumping who knows what into the Oklahoma River near the Oklahoma National Stockyards and surround... More »