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This form has been designed for individuals, groups, collectives or non-profit organizations interested in producing a program to be broadcast on the Voices of Oklahoma Community Radio station in the future or downloaded as podcasts now. If you are interested in producing a program, please fill out the form below. If you are more interested in writing or taking photos for the web, go to our contributors’ page.

Information about program producer(s)

Your Name


Phone Number


Website (if applicable)

Do you have any previous experience in radio? If so, please describe.

Do you have any experience/training in digital radio editing? If so, which software have you used? (Audacity, Sound Forge, etc.)

Have you ever received radio production training? If so, please describe.

Would you be interested in receiving radio production training?

Information about the program

Program name


Our community radio station should include this program because:

How will this program contribute to the community?

How will you invite community participation?

How often would the program air? (example: weekly, bi-weekly)

How long can you commit to producing this program? (example: six months, a year)

Information about the intended audience

Describe the type of listener you intend to reach with your program

How will you obtain feedback from the local community about your program?

Financial information

To what extent will you be able to sustain this program financially? (recorders, transportation, time, labor, etc.)

Are you willing to seek sponsors for the program?

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