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Beyond the Tap: Preparing for water ‘booms and busts’

Published 10y ago -

by Asia Scudder On January 21 the City of Norman hosted the second in a series of water related forums. Kyle Arthur of the Oklahoma Water Resource Board spoke about how Oklahoma has gone through "boom and bust" periods of water availability since the mid-1800... More »

ACOG lays out 2030 transportation plan

Published 11y ago -

by Asia Scudder and Gene Perry In October the Association of Central Oklahoma Governments (ACOG) held a public meeting to share its long-range transportation plan for central Oklahoma. ACOG is a volunteer association of city, town, and county governments with... More »

Beyond The Tap: Q&A on Norman water issues

Published 11y ago -

by Asia Scudder In order to gain a better perspective of our local water issues I spoke to Ken Komiske, Utilities Director for the City of Norman and Charles Wesner, Chair of the Sierra Club Oklahoma Chapter... More »

Beyond The Tap: Could we run out of water?

Published 11y ago -

by Asia Scudder Every morning, most of us without much thought will take a shower, make coffee, shave, brush teeth, water the yard – we have an unquestioned, plentiful supply of water available for our daily needs. And clean water is essential for health... More »

How We Move: Oklahoma looks at public transit

Published 11y ago -

by Callie Campbell Oklahoma is one of the most car-dependent states in the U.S. In times of prosperity fueled by a booming oil and gas industry, we built highways, bought cars, and neglected mass transit. Last year, Tulsa and Oklahoma City were ranked dead la... More »

Commercial trash missing from Norman recycling programs

Published 11y ago -

by Casey Holcomb Norman residents have shown they care what happens to their trash. Seventy-two percent of Normanites voted for curbside recycling, and the percentage of participating households has been unusually high since the program began last year. Howe... More »

The Homeless Next Door: families on the street

Published 11y ago -

by Ajit Bhand At 8 a.m., dark clouds were already gathering outside to signal another gloomy day full of rain. A baby carriage came to a halt, and the solitary passenger seemed perturbed. At the front of the line, a young boy in a green Incredible Hulk t-shir... More »