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Commercial trash missing from Norman recycling programs

Published 8y ago -

by Casey Holcomb Norman residents have shown they care what happens to their trash. Seventy-two percent of Normanites voted for curbside recycling, and the percentage of participating households has been unusually high since the program began last year. Howe... More »

A torch is passed at The Blue Door

Published 8y ago -

by Danny Marroquin You may not know the burgeoning songwriter John Fullbright, who's currently planning his first 5 or 100 albums in the solitude of the East Oklahoma countryside. If you do, anything I write here is obsolete with what your ears have already t... More »

The Homeless Next Door: families on the street

Published 8y ago -

by Ajit Bhand At 8 a.m., dark clouds were already gathering outside to signal another gloomy day full of rain. A baby carriage came to a halt, and the solitary passenger seemed perturbed. At the front of the line, a young boy in a green Incredible Hulk t-shir... More »

Being Okie: part two

Published 8y ago -

by Lindsay Hodges Anderson I have betrayed Oklahoma. I no longer have its rich, red soil beneath my feet. It gave me my first home in America, and now I am half the country away. But I will be back, and I can not wait to see it again... More »

Local circus enlivens Okie art scene

Published 8y ago -

by Gene Perry A crowd has gathered on the streets of Norman. Maybe it's the Norman Music Festival or the 2nd Friday Art Circuit. Everyone is enjoying the music, art, and food. But then the sound of approaching drums heralds a more unorthodox entertainment... More »

Radio Update #13

Published 8y ago -

Name changed to Voices of Oklahoma Webzine has Launched! Find us at GrooveFest, Sunday at Andrews Park – Apr 26 Norman Music Festival: Added 40 New Supporters! Speaking at Tyner Cornbread & Beans, May 8 World Fair Trade Day, May 9: Farmer’s Market Logo... More »

Bokoshe, OK and the True Cost of Electricity

Published 8y ago -

The Environmental Protection Agency is holding hearings next week over whether to regulate coal ash as a hazardous waste. To see why this is so important, check out this Voices of Oklahoma article from April 2009 about how coal ash is affecting the small Oklah... More »

Why community media?

Published 8y ago -

by Gene Perry This is an experiment, but it's a good time for experiments. A couple of months ago, The Oklahoma Gazette reported that only one reporter, from OETA, visits the capitol building every day. They wrote that the total number of journalists covering... More »

Interview with local musicians David Dunn

Published 8y ago -

by Michelle Mann David Dunn is a young band based out of Oklahoma City. Their manager Chad Davis describes them as “a versatile band, balancing a gorgeous acoustic sound perfect for small, intimate settings with an energetic, passionate, rock feel during la... More »