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It is happening here

Published 4y ago -

It Is Happening Here by Mark Davies I used to teach a course called Contemporary Political Theory in which I had students study Wilson, Lenin, Hitler, and Mao. We also read Jacques Ellul’s seminal work on propaganda. I mention this simply to say that I have ... More »

FrackQuakes: How Big Oil played the Okies

Published 4y ago -

A Little Okie Earthquake History from one who lives here ~ by Melissa Rabe This is my first post, so please be patient with me. I live in Oklahoma and have been subjected to years of lies by the oil and gas industry’s paid lackeys, the OK Corporation Com... More »

Register Now, Vote Early

Published 4y ago -

Want to vote on November 8th? The Oklahoma Election Board is accepting voter registration until October 14th. After that you are out of luck – registration closes at 5pm on Friday, October 14th. Want to vote early? If you are registered by October 14th, ... More »

Diplomacy Produces Results

Published 5y ago -

In November 2014, Iran and six world powers – Germany, France, Great Britain, China, Russia and the U.S., – agreed to continue nuclear negotiations. Wisely given time, those negotiations have now culminated in yet another advance toward ensuring that Iran ... More »

Low Power FM: A Historic Opportunity

Published 9y ago -

UUs and Allies: Nationwide Community Radio Network has recently been established in order to take full advantage of the approaching historic opportunity for establishing a network of progressive Low Power FM (LPFM) radio stations owned by non-profits such as u... More »