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Who We Are

Voices of Oklahoma is a non-profit, non-commercial, non-sectarian media outlet for central Oklahoma.

Our content is locally produced and explores local art, music, and cultural events that are often immediately and freely accessible to community members. We showcase the talent and creativity that exists right here.

With the help of contributors from throughout the community, Voices of Oklahoma seeks to provide the information that is most relevant to you, whether it’s news concerning your children’s school, the latest developments in the city council, or how to access the services of local non-profits.

On the Radio

In 2007 the FCC allowed nonprofit community groups to file applications for community broadcasting licenses. In October 2007, the Voices of Oklahoma Radio project applied for a license to operate a noncommercial, educational community radio station for central Oklahoma. The FCC has awarded us two Construction Permits and we expect to get a third. We will build only one and sell the others to a community-oriented group. Our goal is to encourage civic involvement and cooperative efforts by a wide variety of local organizations and individuals.

Mission Statement

The Voices of Oklahoma Project endeavors to operate a community-based, noncommercial media outlet serving McClain, Garvin and southern Cleveland counties. We strive to promote civic responsibility, an informed citizenry, and respectful dialogue expressing the diverse cultural and artistic perspectives of all members of our community, with special attention to those without a voice in other media. Toward that end, we offer community journalism and programming with a local focus that expresses the values of peace, justice, democracy, and human rights. We provide training, broadcasting, and media production opportunities to community members who further our mission and enrich the community dialogue.

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