The women in conflict zone

Published 3 years ago -

Nyla Ali Khan is the au­thor of Fic­tion of Na­tion­al­ity in an Era of Transna­tion­al­ism, Is­lam, Women, and Vi­o­lence in Kash­mir, The Life of a Kash­miri Woman, and the ed­i­tor of The Parch­ment of Kash­mir. Nyla Ali Khan has also served as a guest ed­i­tor work­ing on ar­ti­cles from the Jammu and Kash­mir re­gion for Ox­ford Uni­ver­sity Press (New York), help­ing to iden­tify, com­mis­sion, and re­view ar­ti­cles. She can be reached at ny­

This podcast is part of the series “Pause Café” by Olivier Rey, an independent journalist and podcaster in Oklahoma.

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