Number of rescued animals continuously increasing over 30 years in Oklahoma

Published 3 years ago -

NORMAN, Okla. – Rondi Large, the founder and director of WildCare Foundation, was the invited guest last week of the Norman Red Earth Sierra Club to discuss the last news of wild animal rescues in Oklahoma.

“It is only so big, we all have to work together where either there are too many other species, in order for us to stay healthy, so we can survive,” Large said. “Every animal has the right to be rescued.”

Large said one part of the WildCare organization is also to educate people on how and when animals need to be rescued, which is not necessarily every time, especially for baby animals that should not be separated from their mothers.

“We are good at what we do, wild mothers do it so much better,” Large said.

Large also said numerous private lands and tribal lands are available around Oklahoma to provide a greater chance for rescued animals to survive after re-introduction into nature.

“The whole goal of what we do is to get these animals released back into the wild,” she said.


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