Protest against Trump policies in marge of the Fall Peace Festival in OKC

Published 1 year ago -

Attendees at the anti-Trump protest on Nov. 12. (Olivier Rey/Red Dirt Report)

Happening alongside the 31th Fall Peace Festival, which promoted education and nonviolent action on issues relating to human rights, economic justice, environmental sustainability, and nonviolence on Nov. 12, a protest was organized in opposition to Trump policies that promote mainly hate and exclusion.

More than 100 people respond to the call, among them, several personalities were also present such as Johnson Bridgwater, the director of Oklahoma Sierra Club, Connie Johnson, a former Oklahoma Senator District 48 and Ed Shadid, the Oklahoma City councilmember Ward 2.

Shadid and Johnson agreed that voting is still the key to change the future.

Shadid thought the election of Trump just showed that deviances have been normalized gradually since several months such as the earthquake issues in Oklahoma.

“We have to say ‘no more’,” Shadid said. “We got to wake up.”

Shadid believes the best way to reverse the trend is by focusing on winning local elections, especially the OKC city council elections that will happen in few months.

“We have to learn how to win,” Shadid said, adding it needs only two seats of the city council to have a progressive majority in OKC.

According to Shadid only $165,000 was spent last year for social services by the City of Oklahoma for a total budget of one billion dollars each year.

“Enough is enough!” Shadid said.

Johnson though we have to motivate people to vote especially homeless people, “The mid-term election in 2018 are very important.”

Then Johnson believed the results of the elections provided an opportunity to engage dialogue about genders, races and others minorities issues.

“We love each other,” Johnson said.

She also though anti-Trump protests around the country will not stop Trump to become president in January. Johson said educate people is the best way to change mentalities.

“But it is a message,” said an attendee.

The protest was organized by Center for Conscience in Action and co-sponsored by Black Lives Matter OKC, Sierra Club of Oklahoma, Showing Up for Racial Justice OKC, YWCA, Freedom Oklahoma, Ending Violence Everywhere Coalition, Amnesty OKC, Vis-AbiliTy.

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