Some OU students will vote for Clinton with no real motivation

Published 4 years ago -

By Olivier Rey, Red Dirt Report

NORMAN, Okla. – While the first debate gathered over 500 people at the University of Oklahoma’s Bizzell Memorial Library, this time, the atmosphere was less passionate with only students in attendance – the free food and drinks certainly helped.

A poll organized just before the debate among attendees showed that 90 percent will go to vote on Nov. 8. Eighty-seven percent felt the previous debates didn’t change anything, 84 percent favored Hillary Clinton, and 92 percent were against Donald Trump.

“Most of the people who are present tonight already know for who they will vote,” said one of the organizers.

“I have already made up my mind before it, but the debate totally confirmed for who I want to vote,” said Josh Hardwick, a sophomore student.

The debate was generally better than the previous one, due to the quality of the subjects discussed that the anchor, Chris Wallace asked.

“I think Trump did a better job than last time by not interrupting Hillary every time,” said Haley Keathley, a history major. “I think she did a surprisingly good job keeping her self-control, I admire that.”

“I think the quality was better, they talked more on interesting subjects,” Hardwick said.

“I was impressed with how the anchor handled the debate, the other moderators were easier for both candidates, but Chris Wallace was extremely hard on both candidates and asked important questions that matter,” said Zak Hoyora, a senior student.

However, some attendees believed the mediocre quality of the previous debate demotivated people to come, saying, “People lost interest in the debate.”

The commentaries on Trump are rarely positive unless one is a strong supporter of him.

Students’ commentaries on the candidates after the debate.

“Trump is awful,” said a woman after the debate. A feeling shared by Sarah Baker, a student in politics, and Keathley saying, “He is a monster.”

“He never really says what he means, he never gets to the point,” Baker said.

“Trump’s nonpolitical background will actually help the economy and foreign relation aspect,” Hardwick said.

“Trump attacks in a very inappropriate way, it is not what a candidate for president should do,” Hoyara said.

However, even if a majority of people will vote for Clinton, or hate Trump, they are not big fans of Clinton.

“Both candidates are pretty scary,” said a student who wanted to remain anonymous.

“We don’t have a lot of choices, the third party never works,” Keathley said. “She does have many policies that Bernie Sanders had, which was someone I would have supported.”

And few are still undecided such as Patrick Breedlove who said he can’t trust Clinton based off the issue of the emails and doesn’t like Trump because he is not adapted to be a president.

The debate finished with no real enthusiasm, almost no one applauded at the close of the debate.

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