FCC gives go-ahead to KVOY community radio

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Norman, Oklahoma
January 10, 2014

After six and one-half years, the West Wind Unitarian Universalist Congregation Radio group, (formerly NUUF) KVOY.org and umbrella group VoicesofOK.org have been awarded a Construction Permit by the FCC to build a Full Power Local Community Radio Station – 104.5 FM. The addition of this new independent radio station to the local media arena will bring a fresh perspective to community news and issues including diverse music and cultural affairs programming. And should an emergency arise, Local Community Radio will be there live to help.

More and more frequently, Oklahoma’s corporate-owned radio stations are canceling local news and eliminating other local programming. The West Wind radio group believes this is not good for civic development or protecting communities. When tornadoes approached, as in Omaha on June 8, 2008, large corporate radio stations kept playing their pre-programmed prerecorded shows. During Katrina, the only place which stayed on the air to give information was a small, locally-owned Community Radio station, WQRZ-LP in Gulfport, MS. Often there has been no one at the big corporate stations at all, since automation has become the norm. The domination of the airwaves by out-of-state large corporations, often affiliated with conservative religious groups, who play prerecorded and automated programming will soon have some small, but culturally important competition, made possible by the FCC’s new focus on Local Community Radio. Here are some of the programs being planned:

  • Blue Door’s Red Dirt – A Music & Politics Hour with Greg Johnson
  • Healthy Lifestyles with Dr. Roberto Ramirez – (in Spanish)
  • Your Health Options – interviews with Absentee Shawnee Indian Health Clinic’s Exec. Dir. Beverly A Felton and others
  • Peace Strategy News & Call-in Show with Nathaniel Batchelder
  • Greg Carbin’s Weather Show (possibly use “That Weather Show” podcasts from NOAA)
  • Dowsing – Where’s the Water? – an interview program about OK water issues
  • Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman &Juan Gonzalez – Pacifica
  • Books for your Brain – book reviews by Jim Vernon, Hal Spake, Susan Cogan & others
  • Red Town Radio – interviews with Native American elders – Brenda Golden
  • Climate Radio – documentaries from the UK – Pacifica
  • Youth Voices – to be determined (Sandy Bahan)
  • Theater of the Mind – live plays from other community stations – KZ88, etc.
  • Free Speech Radio News – Pacifica
  • WINGS – Women’s International News Group Service – Pacifica
  • Tapestry of the Commons Radio – 2 minute audio about The Commons
  • Corporations and Democracy – Alliance for Democracy radio
  • Sierra Club Radio – Sierra Club

As our mission states, KVOY will operate a community-based, noncommercial media outlet serving Central Oklahoma.

“We strive to promote civic responsibility, an informed citizenry, and respectful dialogue expressing the diverse cultural and artistic perspectives of all members of our community, with special attention to those without a voice in other media. Toward that end, we offer community journalism and programming with a local focus that expresses the values of peace, justice, democracy, and human rights.”

Naturally, as Community Advocates, we are all volunteers at KVOY. However, with three grants from the Unitarian Universalist Fund for Social Responsibility, more than 100 founders, 1200 supporters and a generous $90,000 donation from an anonymous donor, we are rapidly moving toward implementing our dream – a Full-power, non-commercial, educational (NCE) Community Radio station at 104.5 FM. The funding of KVOY is very similar to the way listener-funded NPR stations are funded: pledges, underwriters, grants and volunteers. Typical costs of running a radio station include (assuming all volunteer except attorney):



  • Tower Rental – $1000
  • Electricity – $200
  • Studio Rental – $400
  • Phone – $100
  • Music licensing – $600
  • FCC filing by attorney – $210
  • Pacifica (membership dues) – $110
  • Office Supplies, printing, postage – $160
  • Insurance – $140
  • Promotional items, T-Shirts, mugs – $80
  • Equipment & repairs – $140

Total Monthly Expenses (estimated) $3,140

KVOY Wish List:

General Manager – half time $20,000

Those interested in this project may contact Mary Francis at mary.francis@voicesofOK.org or Hal Spake at halspake@sbcglobal.net. We look forward to hearing from community-oriented volunteers interested in enhancing the Common Good – those values and concepts that we share, that are beneficial for all and which we preserve for future generations, such as clean water, clean air and a just social infrastructure. More information is available at KVOY.org.

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