VOK Update #18

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Greetings to our Founders and Supporters!

Choosing Call Letters – we want your vote!

On May 26, it became official, NUUF Community Radio – Voices of Oklahoma will be issued an FCC Construction Permit. Now we need to decide on Call Letters. Please vote for your choice of Call Letters on in the poll on the right. This poll ends on July 20, 2010 @ 12:00 am.

Nat’l Federation of Community Broadcasters

Voices of Oklahoma Community Radio is now a member of the NFCB. We sent two Board Members and one of our engineers to the June 9-12 annual conference. The training and programs were outstanding! Mary Francis concentrated on networking and fundraising, while Casey Holcomb focused on more technical issues. Our engineer, Al Davis, did some of both. In addition to the Intensive which Al and Casey both attended, Mary Francis visited with several General Managers of other Community Radio Stations. Myron at KZGM in Missouri has offered to do a weekend of training for our folks who want to extend their audio and software knowledge. He has been extremely helpful in the past. We will definitely take him up on that offer – this is what Community is all about!

Prometheus offers to help Get On Air

Prometheus is a coalition of Community broadcasters, both low-power (LP) and full-power (FM), who work to increase Community Radio. They helped several stations get a CP during the FCC’s 2007 window and have started a bi-weekly phone conference for all of us. They offer training and resources in many areas – the first topic is Fund-raising. They also do ‘barnraisings’ for stations who have bought all their equipment and are ready to build. The next one is a full-power in NY state. We might send someone to participate and get some training, as well.

Capital Campaign begins

Now that Voices of Oklahoma has FCC’s permission to build, we are working on developing a Capital Campaign. Committees have been formed and more will be forthcoming. If you have experience in development, fund-raising, underwriting, or other skills or resources needed to organize and conduct a Capital Campaign, we want to hear from you. Contact Board Member Dr. Michael Givel: mgivel@ou.edu.

Net Neutrality is essential to our success

Net Neutrality is like a ramp to a highway – it gives you access to the highway. Ramps to the Internet Highway are controlled by internet providers such as ATT, Comcast, Verison and other large corporations. They have the ability to slow down or even block your access by deciding which websites get to load fast and how fast (or slow) a download is. Comcast proposed such a scheme last year. We are concerned that priority will be given to those sites which advertise with the internet providers.
The FCC currently has the ability to regulate the internet providers by reclassifying their status. Naturally, ATT, Comcast and others do not want to be regulated. Many in Congress also wants to change the rules. To comment on the FCC website (it’s very friendly) just go to: http://fjallfoss.fcc.gov/ecfs/ and click on Proceeding 09-191. To see my comments, or anyone else’s, go to: Search for Filings.
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