VOK Update #17

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The FCC has ruled on our 2007 Dibble application. We won!

  • FCC Ruling
  • Call Letters
  • Prometheus Radio Project
  • Cordell & Wynnewood
  • Web Magazine
  • Founders & Founders Party

FCC Ruling

Of course, the FCC has a 30 day period in which any competitor may file a Petition to Deny. However, our attorney, Mike Couzens, thinks that is unlikely since we have won fairly decisively on points. After 30 days, the FCC will issue a Construction Permit (CP) and we will have three years to build the station and get on the air. More on that later.

Call Letters

Soon, we will get to decide on our call letters. All stations west of the Mississippi start with the letter ‘K’. If the call letters belong to any other station in the US, it will be designated as ‘taken’, no matter how far away that station is. You can check for available call letters at http://licensing.fcc.gov/prod/callsign/main.html. Send us your suggestions and tell us why!

Prometheus Radio Project

Our friends at Prometheus Radio Project may help us build. They support participatory radio and are dedicated to involving the community and broadening the community discussion. They have a history of ‘barnraising’ – having built low-power stations from Spokane, Washington to Greenville, South Carolina. They have held eleven community radio barnraisings to date. This fall Prometheus is planning their first full power radio station barnraising. We hope to be their second full power project.

Cordell & Wynnewood

We are also working on two more applications, one in Cordell and the other in Wynnewood. Because of the national weekly radio conference calls provided by Pacifica’s Affiliates Coordinator, Ursula Rudenberg, we have become friends with a great many radio enthusiasts, owners and engineers around the nation. When the Cordell and Wynnewood frequencies became available, several of these friends offered to help develop applications for free! We quickly searched for friendly, community oriented non-profits and found one close enough to Wynnewood to qualify for the ‘localism’ point – a big advantage when calculating FCC points. After connecting this group to Todd Urick, an engineer with Common Frequency, we then decided to take Al Davis’ offer to file applications for us for both Cordell and Wynnewood. As you probably know, 80% of all noncommercial, educational radio stations are owned by large religious groups. We were determined to not let that ratio get any larger. And we definitely didn’t want any more hate-talk stations in Oklahoma.

In our next Radio Update, we will go into the details of these applications which look very promising. It appears that our competitors may have once again filed bogus applications. Our attorney is currently investigating them.

Web Magazine

We continue to improve the Voices Web Magazine. The current feature story is about Oklahoma children and Pennies for Peace, which turned out to be a huge success. Oklahoma youth collected over $18,000 – enough to build a school for children in Pakistan or Afghanistan, both boys and girls. Or follow Asia Scudder’s water series: Beyond the Tap: Preparing for water ‘booms and busts’. Looking for something to do? Visit our Voices Calendar which has a multitude of community events. These are only a few of the interesting items you will find at www.voicesofok.org .

Founders & Founders Party

The proof is in the pictures! Take a look at our party pics: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=20477&id=1780959527&l=6edaa7c7ec

In spite of 40 mph winds and threat of rain, the Founder’s Party was a definite hit. Our caterer outdid herself and Board Member Casey Holcomb’s power point demonstrated our current accomplishments and provided news about the FCC and our new applications.

Now that the FCC has designated us as the winner of the Dibble frequency, we are looking at whether or not to close the opportunity to become a Founder. Almost all Community Radio is supported by grants, underwriters, and donors – similar to NPR. Usually, about 50% of the operation costs come from donors like you. Our current needs include the purchase of materials for a tower and studio. And remember, all donations to NUUF Radio Fund are tax-deductible.  Anyone interested in donating or joining as a Founder should download the form at: http://www.voicesofok.org/wp-content/uploads/VOK-Donate.doc

Good things are happening! Stay tuned!

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