VOK Update #16

Published 10 years ago -

Greetings to our Founders and Supporters!

The Good News is …

  • Grant Awarded!
  • New radio application
  • FCC Rules on Points Group
  • Founders Party Set
  • Founders List Needs Your Info
  • Web Magazine Articles
  • Thank You, Commissioner Clyburn

Another Grant Awarded!

We are celebrating! Voices of Oklahoma Community Radio has received a second grant from the Unitarian Universalist Funding Program’s Social Responsibility Grants – $16,310.

But that’s not all.

UUFP added an offer to kick-start a Capital Campaign for the studio and tower construction with an extra $2000. We are extremely pleased and excited at this symbolic ‘vote of confidence’ and will start a search for an experienced Development Director. Send for our Job Description, if you or someone you know is interested. Contact: info AT voicesofok D0T com.

New radio application

Two friends on our weekly radio phone conference are engineers who volunteered to make FREE applications for two frequencies in Oklahoma which the FCC decided to remove from commercial auction and give away to the Non-Commercial, Educational (NCE) folks. What’s not to like about FREE? Last week, Al Davis of Flint, Michigan filed for both the Cordell and Wynnewood frequencies. Four religious groups filed for Cordell as well, but Al says that we have the best chance, since our only close competitor has filed a bogus claim. We will have our attorney inform the FCC of the fact that their claim of only one application is false, and that they actually have three. That should put us in first place! A report on Wynnewood later.

FCC Rules on Points

The FCC has just released another 59 decisions, mostly based on points. This is the group our Dibble application is in, but they only did the first half of the alphabet, so Oklahoma was not in the decisions. However, the good news is, the FCC is working on our group and we should be next.

Founders Party Set

With all this wonderful news, it’s time to celebrate! As mentioned earlier, a party for our Founders is in the works! We anticipate invitations to be mailed next week. Of the over 600 on our Radio Update list, almost 80 have donated or provided in-kind services to the NUUF Radio Fund. A form is attached for those supporters who wish to become Founders.

If you are a Founder, please check the list at the bottom. If your name has asterisks, send us your contact info so we can mail your invitation and details about the party.

Since invitations will be sent in the mail, we need your complete address with zip code. If you are a Founder and your name is not listed below, please email: mary.francis111@gmail.com with your address, city, state, zip and phone number – or call: 405 474-0695.

Web Magazine Articles

Take a look at recent articles on our web magazine:

Thank You, Commissioner Clyburn

Federal Communications Commissioner Mignon Clyburn is a champion of digital inclusion and recently stood up for network neutrality. Network neutrality rules threaten big media profits, such as Comcast’s 80% (a reasonable profit margin is usually 6 to 10%.) Net neutrality puts people and the public interest above corporate interests. It’s that simple. Letting Internet Service Providers pick online winners and losers (and charge those designated as ‘losers’ more for fast download) is bad policy. Send FCC Commissioner Clyburn a note of thanks today for recognizing the importance of Net Neutrality and community broadband access: mignon.clyburn@fcc.gov.

Founders List (Donations or In Kind Contributions)

*An asterisk by you name indicates we do not have complete info. We need your complete address and contact information to mail invitations for the Founders Party.

  • Teresa J Allen (Thanks, Teresa, for asking me to apply for this radio frequency back in 2007.)
  • Dr. Edwin Kessler
  • John Allen
  • Lorraine Levine
  • Kurt Bachmann
  • Bette Maffucci
  • Diane Blank
  • Tony Maffucci
  • *Ginger Blockcolski*
  • Christopher Maxwell
  • *Lew Blockcolski*
  • Kara Joy McKee
  • Janet Carpenter
  • Ted Metscher
  • Dr. Joe Carter
  • Bob Meyers
  • *Mel Cervantes*
  • Vicki Michener
  • *Reggie Cervantes*
  • David Miller
  • Susan Cogan
  • *Dr. John Mitschell*
  • Jack Cohn
  • *Rocky Moncho*
  • Chadwick Cox
  • *Alaric Moore*
  • Pat Cox
  • *Dr. David Morgan*
  • *Blake Cummings*
  • Lucinda Diann
  • *Barbara Neas*
  • John Farmer
  • James Nimmo
  • Margaret Farmer
  • David Nordahl
  • Alice Fielding
  • Gene Lewis Perry
  • David Fielding
  • Stephen Tyler Holman
  • *Jeanne Flanigan*
  • *Liam Przelomski*
  • Marcella Fleming
  • Prof. Clemencia Rodriquez
  • Mary Francis
  • Ursula Reudenberg
  • *Sam Fredrickson*
  • *Vanessa Scholle*
  • *Sam Fredrickson, Sr.*
  • Steve Shore
  • Prof. Michael Givel
  • Anna Sigrunardottir
  • Marilyn Goodban
  • *Miranda Sowell*
  • Ed Gore
  • *Eric Spragens*
  • Marj Greer
  • Evan Stair
  • Don Grissom
  • Robert T. Stapleton
  • Rena Guay
  • Wanda Jo Stapleton
  • *Mark Hedrick*
  • *Jeremy Styninger*
  • *Chris Heldenbrand*
  • Judy Sullens
  • Lois Chiles Hilbert
  • James L. Vernon
  • Dr. Richard Hilbert
  • Charles Wesner
  • Matthew Casey Holcomb
  • Lyntha Wesner
  • Paulette W Holland
  • David Wheelock
  • *Myron Jackson*
  • Brenda Wheelock
  • Nadine Jewell
  • *Linda Zoldoske*
  • Dr. John Johnson
  • *Benjamin Kennedy*

Mission Statement

In case you are new to this list, we give our Mission Statement again, below:

The Voices of Oklahoma Project endeavors to operate a community-based, noncommercial media outlet serving McClain, Garvin and southern Cleveland counties. We strive to promote civic responsibility, an informed citizenry, and respectful dialogue expressing the diverse cultural and artistic perspectives of all members of our community, with special attention to those without a voice in other media. Toward that end, we offer community journalism and programming with a local focus that expresses the values of peace, justice, democracy, and human rights. We provide training, broadcasting and media production opportunities to community members who further our mission and enrich the community dialogue.

Please email if your name is not listed, yet you have donated to the NUUF Radio Fund or provided in-kind services. Contact Mary Francis at: mary.francis111@gmail.com, or call her at: 405 474-0695. We will get it corrected. Mistakes in spelling or titles should be corrected, also. Just let us know. We sincerely apologize for any errors.

The Voices of Oklahoma project simply wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for our loyal Founders. Thank you one and all – not only for your generous contributions, but especially for your faith in this endeavor. It is truly a humbling experience to ask for your support and realize how many are willing to give it.

Stay tuned!

Mary Francis

405 474-0695

This NUUF Radio Project is made possible in part by a grant from
the Unitarian Universalist Social Responsibility Fund. Thank You!

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