VOK Update #15

Published 11 years ago -

logoGreetings to our Founders and Supporters! Many exciting things have happened and are being planned. Here are some of them:

  • FCC Ruling
  • Founders Party
  • Web Magazine
  • Grants
  • Program Proposals
  • Mission Statement
  • Founders List

FCC Ruling

We are delighted to report that a very favorable ruling was issued by the FCC last week which affirms the position of Voices of Oklahoma Radio. Our last remaining competitor for the Voices airspace filed a bogus claim and has been denied the priority they claimed. The FCC says the South Central Oklahoma Christian Broadcast, Inc. will have to go into the points category (where Voices is) and the full Commission will make a ruling based on points. After each ruling, the FCC allows a period of 30 days for the filing of an appeal. If none is filed, we can expect the FCC to issue their ruling on the points. This is great news, because our engineers tell us that we have the most points! Once a Construction Permit (CP) is issued, the FCC gives the station two years to order the antenna, build the tower and studio, and get on the air. In the meantime, we are planning a …

Founders Party!

We want to show our appreciation to the wonderful individuals who have supported this endeavor and shown their faith in our project by responding to our call for donations, pledges and in-kind help. Your generosity and faith in the value of Community Radio is heartwarming and greatly appreciated. The Voices Board thinks it’s time celebrate!

A Founders Party is in the works and it’s not too late to become a Founder. We are holding this list open until the FCC actually makes their final ruling on points.

Founders are those who have donated to this cause, or provided in-kind support. Once again, we will list all our Founders. Check for your name at the end of this Update. A pledge form is attached for those supporters who wish to become a Founder.

We plan to send invitations in the mail, so if you have not given us your complete address with zip code, please send it to Mary Francis. And, if you are a Founder and your name is not listed, please email her at: mfrancis1@earthlink.net with your address, city, state, zip and phone number – or give her a call at: 405 474-0695.

Web Magazine

Perhaps you have noticed that many things which affect our Community or are happening around Oklahoma are often not being reported in other media. Some recent articles which you will not see anywhere else can be found in our Web Magazine at http://www.voicesofOK.org. Below are links to some of the recent articles found at the Voices website. Pick a link below and take a look – and leave a comment. We are anxious to hear from you.

Is Bigger Better? Norman questions how to manage growth with TIF District

Norman bike co-op in search of new digs

Irving on the Prairie — A two century old tale of the ‘Sleepy Hollow’ author in Oklahoma

Beyond The Tap: Q&A on Norman water issues

[AUDIO] Gene Perry on new models of journalism

ACOG lays out 2030 transportation plan

Norman joins worldwide rallies for International Day of Climate Action

A Woody Guthrie diary

Bokoshe, OK and the True Cost of Electricity

A torch is passed at The Blue Door

The Homeless Next Door: families on the street

Dustbowl Arts Market brings ’sexy craft fair’ to Campus Corner: story + photo essay

Kiowa calendar exhibit offers rare perspective on Oklahoma history


The Unitarian Universalist Social Responsibility grants are offered twice a year and in September we filed for another one. We anticipate more attorney and engineering fees, audio board training for volunteers, accounting costs, and travel to the other counties we will serve and where our tower will be located. We also will be advertising our Radio Benefit Concerts and searching for a Development Coordinator who will canvass for underwriters. A Community Radio Station functions basically just like National Public Radio – with pledge drives, grants and underwriting for support.

We are very grateful to the Unitarian Universalist Funding Program for their 2008 Social Responsibility grant. Social Responsibility is a basic feature of the UU philosophy and it is an integral part of the mission of Voices of Oklahoma Community Radio and our web magazine.

We have learned that our application for a $103,017 Public Telecommunications Facilities Program (PTFP) construction grant from the Department of Commerce did not get accepted – only about 20% of first-time applicants are funded. However, we have spoken with the Regional Consultant, Larry Dyer, who provided us with a summary of the reviewer’s comments. This information helps us in knowing what to do to improve the grant and we will apply again during the next window. Dyer expects the new deadline to be in January, 2010. We plan to be ready with a stronger and larger grant application.

Program Proposals

Do you have experience at radio or an idea for a local issue or show? How about experience at investigative journalism or photography? Voices of Oklahoma is searching for new members and volunteer staffers to help us provide better and more localized news and media services for central Oklahoma’s smaller towns and communities.

Since we are a small non-profit organization, our efforts are driven by local volunteers and contributors who share our common interest of bringing independent community media to central Oklahoma. Currently, our website features a web magazine where we are providing what the corporate media cannot–an independent, non-commercial voice.

We have requests from The Peace House for a Talk Show, two former DJs want to do music programs and numerous organizations have requested periodic interviews or features. But Voices of Oklahoma wants to know what programs you desire. Take a look at our website and fill out the Programming Proposal located at http://www.voicesofok.org/programs/propose-a-program. We want your proposals for both radio shows and magazine articles.

Mission Statement

In case you are new to this list, we give our Mission Statement again, below:

The Voices of Oklahoma Project endeavors to operate a community-based, noncommercial media outlet serving McClain, Garvin and southern Cleveland counties. We strive to promote civic responsibility, an informed citizenry, and re­spectful dialogue expressing the diverse cultural and artistic perspectives of all members of our commu­nity, with special attention to those without a voice in other media. Toward that end, we offer program­ming with a local focus that expresses the values of peace, justice, democracy, and human rights. We provide training and broadcasting opportunities to community members who further our mission and enrich the community dialogue.

Founders List (Donations or In Kind Contributions)

1. Teresa J Allen
2. John Allen
3. Kurt Bachmann
4. Prof. Kirk Bjornsgaard (deceased)
5. Ginger Blockcolski*
6. Lew Blockcolski*
7. Janet Carpenter
8. Joe Carter
9. Mel Cervantes*
10. Reggie Cervantes*
11. Susan Cogan
12. Jack Cohn
13. Chadwick Cox
14. Pat Cox
15. Lucinda Diann
16. John Farmer
17. Margaret Farmer
18. Alice Fielding
19. David Fielding
20. Jeanne Flanigan*
21. Marcella Fleming
22. Mary Francis
23. Sam Fredrickson*
24. Sam Fredrickson, Sr.*
25. Prof. Michael Givel
26. Marilyn Goodban
27. Ed Gore
28. Marj Greer
29. Don Grissom (deceased)
30. Mark Hedrick*
31. Chris Heldenbrand*
32. Lois Chiles Hilbert
33. Matthew Casey Holcomb
34. Paulette W Holland
35. Myron Jackson*
36. Nadine Jewell
37. Dr. John Johnson
38. Benjamin Kennedy*
39. Dr. Edwin Kessler
40. Bette Maffucci
41. Christopher Maxwell
42. Kara Joy McKee
43. Ted Metscher
44. Bob Meyers
45. Vicki Michener
46. David Miller
47. Dr. John Mitschell*
48. Rocky Moncho*
49. Aleric Moore*
50. Dr. David Morgan*
51. Barbara Neas*
52. James Nimmo
53. David Nordahl
54. Gene Lewis Perry
55. Stephen Tyler Proctor
56. Liam Przelomski*
57. Prof. Clemencia Rodriquez
58. Ursula Reudenberg
59. Vanessa Scholle*
60. Steve Shore
61. Anna Sigrunardottir
62. Miranda Sowell*
63. Eric Spragens*
64. Evan Stair
65. Robert T. Stapleton
66. Wanda Jo Stapleton
67. Jeremy Styninger*
68. Judy Sullens
69. James L. Vernon
70. Sarah E. Warmker*
71. Charles Wesner
72. Lyntha Wesner
73. David Wheelock
74. Linda Zoldoske*

*An asterisk by you name indicates we do not have complete info. We need your complete address and contact information to mail invitations for the Founders Party.

Please email if your name is not listed, yet you have donated to the NUUF Radio Fund or provided in-kind services. Contact Mary Francis at: mfrancis1@earthlink.net or call her at: 495 474-0695. We will get it corrected. Mistakes in spelling or titles should be corrected, also. Just let us know. We sincerely apologize for any errors.

The Voices of Oklahoma project simply wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for our loyal Founders. Thank you one and all – not only for your generous contributions, but especially for your faith in this endeavor. It is truly a humbling experience to ask for your support and realize how many are willing to give it.

Once again, we have attached a Donation Form for you, should you wish to increase your support for Voices of Oklahoma, or know a friend who may be interested. Please feel free to let others know of this project. Checks should be sent to:

Norman UU Fellowship Radio Fund
1309 W. Boyd
Norman, OK 73069

And thank you so much for hanging in there with us. Obtaining a radio license is a lengthy process and no one knows when the FCC will get around to looking at our application.

Stay tuned!

Mary Francis

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