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The Apache House is our latest addition to the Voices of Oklahoma Blogs. Tate James has been running the site at his own place since April, in collaboration with Seth Clark and Jared Flaming.

As Tate describes it:

The Apache House was born out of the wonderful Oklahoma creative community, and that community continues to be our focus. We do our best to create and promote Norman-based art, in whatever form it takes, and hopefully along the way we can get people involved in the diverse creative atmosphere that is already thriving here.

Tate is bringing to Voices of Oklahoma his series of interviews with local artists, photographers, designers, and musicians. Quite a few have been published already and are listed below. Keep checking The Apache House on VOK for more, or subscribe by RSS.

  • Trent Still: Trent seems to divide his time between Norman and the West Coast, and he usually doesn’t tell anybody where he is going to be. If you see him one day, he’ll probably be gone the next.
  • Jacob Abello: So, you might remember attending Jacob’s album release show a few months ago, and now you are hearing about another album release show for Jacob this weekend. Don’t be confused. Just go.
  • Tyler James Metcalfe: Tyler is a Visual Communications junior, a photo kid, and an all around great guy.
  • Morgan Tepši?: Morgan is the first local artist to ask to be featured on the House. Hopefully he won’t be the last. His portfolio website is full of gorgeous, candid photos.
  • Bekah Garibay: After sitting in on critiques with Bekah for three years, I can say with no doubt that she is one of the most talented, sincere people I know.
  • Carly Gwin: Carly used to be known musically by the name of Sharktooth, but is now part of the soulful local four-piece The Workweek.
  • Reese Truesdell: I think a pretty good indicator of great jewelry could be when all of the models at a photoshoot try to buy the pieces they are wearing. Reese’s jewelry work has a certain character to it that makes it seem more like sculpture than anything else.
  • Sherree Chamberlain: Sherree has been weaving together heart-wrenching harmonies for years and finally has an album for all of us to hold on to, instead of just going to her Myspace page everyday like we used to do.
  • Zachary Carlisle Davidson: I’ve been pretty excited about this post for a while. There’s something refreshingly honest about the way Zach presents his work.
  • Mickey Reece: You might know Mickey Reece as the one-man band, El Paso Hot Button.
  • Bryan Schupp: DJ. Designer. Cat-lover. B does it all. And not only that, he’s actually good at all of them, too.
  • Evan James French: Picking a highlight reel for Evan was just about the hardest thing I’ve ever done. His photo work is extensive and captivating.
  • Jared Flaming: Jared is one of the hardest working artists I know. What’s scary is that he is also so talented.
The Apache House
Welcome to the Apache House.
This is a collaboration between Seth Clark, Jared Flaming, and Tate James.You can email us here.Subscribe to our posts here.

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Trent seems to divide his time between Norman and the West Coast, and he usually doesn’t tell anybody where he is going to be. If you see him one day, he’ll probably be gone the next. I guess it makes sense, in a way, that his low-fi black and white photography somehow manages to be chaotic and cohesive at the same time. Too bad he doesn’t have a website. That’s just what happens when you are oldschool.

Where are you from?
The open road…. I have spent most of my life looking through a car window from when I was two weeks old to 24 years. But the place I recognize most as my “home” is Oakland. I am who I am cause of that area.

What do you do?
Photographer and vagabond extraordinaire.

Who or what do you use for inspiration?
Pretty much the ruthlessness and the hagardness that living a life this way brings to your everyday life.

What artists do you respect right now?
Man I have such a weird taste in shit right now… I’m really digging this dude Wayne Martin Belger. He’s this crazy ass dude who builds his own cameras then uses them for the series he’s working on. Like one is a 500 year old Tibetan skull, then another is about HIV and he uses HIV + blood as a number 27 filter so every image has been influenced by HIV. That shit is EPIC! I’m digging some of the old masters right now too mostly Gustav Dore. Dude is tight. Locally in Norman: Old Curtis Jones for sure. Dude is way more sick than people think. He’s such a good incubator for local artists more than anyone even knows, he’ll go the distance for you if you commit. And some asian dude, I dont know his name though. You’ll know if you see his stuff though for sure. OHHHH and last but definitely the most important is DJ RED lite….RICK DEAN!

What are you sick of?
I don’t think you have enough space for this one. As it goes I’m just a curmudgeon. I know what I like and I know what I don’t like. That’s the thing that people don’t understand, you don’t have to like everything. If I’m a dick for knowing what I like and respect, than fuck it, that’s what I am. Life is way too short to sit around and try to please everybody. People who squander the gifts that they were given are really annoying too. You know what, I’m gonna turn a negative into a positive cause space ships don’t come equipped with rear view mirrors they dip! Everything is tight.

What music are you listening to recently?
Damn a lot of New Order and a shit ton of old rap, Biggie, 2pac, Ice Cube, and then sprinkled with a little old soul, Mo-town, Four Tops, Temptations, and the Crystals. Ohhhh and I almost forgot DJ RED lite.

What is your first creative memory?
I think the first creative memory I had was probably so long ago I can’t remember. Being that I saw the world through a picture frame since the time I opened my eyes. But the most influential was probably the bay area, just being able to walk around and see these pieces of beautiful art that aren’t in galleries. Made by artists who aren’t out to make it big, there out to tell you there story what there thinking and how there feeling. I have more respect for people on the walls of the world then who are on the confined walls of art society.

What is your favorite food/drank spot in Norman?
Damn, see the food one is easy but the drank one is hard…..Food T-CAB. The one and only Taco Cabana. Me and the best people in the world would go there and just Zerp, man…I’m talking relax, get crazy, all in one sitting. The food is super good but what makes it the best spot is definitely the late night people that work there, and the patrons since they’re all my friends, and the fact that you can’t get it in San Francisco….. ummmm drank, anywhere, whit booh is pouring.

Anything else?
and I’m analog so these fotos might look like shit on your computer….ummmm
Thanks, ruby, matt, RD, and Elliott Eckley. Without you guys I couldn’t have done it.

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So, you might remember attending Jacob’s album release show a few months ago, and now you are hearing about another album release show for Jacob this weekend. Don’t be confused. Just go. There will actually be CDs this time. Thursday, at Brother’s, with Sherree Chamberlain. See you there.

Where are you from?
I was born in Norman, Oklahoma.

What do you do?
I work at Starbucks to pay those bills. When I’m not doing that, I’m probably having drinks with some friends. Oh, and I’ve been working on this record “Nothing But Gold” for the last two years.

Who or what do you use for inspiration?
I find that the more art you take in, whatever the form, the more art you end up creating. So I try to listen, read and observe as much art as possible. Just paying attention to the people around me inspires me a lot as well. Lately, my friends have been my biggest source of creativity.

What artists do you respect right now?
Loving me some Early Beat. I’ve also been enjoying Gus Van Sant films lately. I really respect Beyonce for inviting Taylor Swift back on stage to finish her speech at the VMA’s (Kanye’s such an asshole).

What are you sick of?
Misinformed people who are too lazy to form their own opinions, and instead believe whatever someone tells them. All those people at the Tea Party protests and fundamentalist Christians are prime examples.

What music are you listening to recently?
I’ve pretty much been listening to The Beatles since the remasters were released. Other than that, a lot of Beach House and Passion Pit. And I’m really into whatever bands Pitchfork is into right now.

What is your first creative memory?
I used to write movie scripts when I was about ten. My cousin, sister and I would record them on this cheap video camera. I vaguely remember writing my first song when I was 11 or 12. I think it was a country song.

What is your favorite food/drank spot in Norman?
Perfect day: The Earth for breakfast. Pepe’s for lunch. La Luna for happy hour. Sweet Basil for dinner. Blu for drinks.

Anything else?
I really, really want you to come to my release show. We’re planning some cool shit.

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  • Tate James, please send me an e-mail address where I can contact you. Need a small bit of info that I could place into the OU College of Fine Arts annual report that I am helping build. I am retired from the OU College of Law and write stuff for different OU departments. Thank you!! Steve Rice

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