Program connects women entrepreneurs in Rwanda and Afghanistan with Oklahoma mentors

Published 9 years ago -

From The Journal Record:

On a simple bridge in a quiet backyard, a Rwandan and an Oklahoman take a moment to reflect on their journey.

“We have a great relationship,” said Angie Hendricks, president and chief executive of Bentley Hedges Travel Services in Oklahoma City. “But I think it takes a lot of trust with each other, and that trust will allow us to go forward.”

Angie Hendricks and Nadia Keza are two women who live worlds apart but were brought together on the principle that business can create peace. The Oklahoma City-based Institute for Economic Empowerment of Women touts the idea that women are the key to development through emerging economies. The institute’s Peace through Business program is designed to provide long-term business education to women entrepreneurs in Rwanda and Afghanistan.

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