VOICES of REASON Radio Update #9

Published 11 years ago -

  • Petition filed with FCC
  • Ft. Worth UUs Support VOICES of REASON Radio
  • Founders List Will Close
  • Organizations & Leaders: Tell us who needs to be on the air
  • Grassroots Radio Conference – Portland, OR
  • Update List … Duplicates?

Hello Founders and Supporters of Community Radio!

****News Flash! We are on the FCC radar!  The wait could be over soon!

  • Petition filed with FCC

On June 30th the FCC looked at our MX group. Our VOICES of REASON Radio is competing with two Religious Right groups and are Mutually Exclusive, hence the term MXed. August 10th our attorney, Mike Couzens and new engineer, Mike Brown filed a 13 page Petition to Deny which essentially says:

“You, FCC, should throw out South Central OK Christian’s application because they have made a “bogus claim” by leaving out the signal coverage of one of the local radio stations.”

SCOC’s failure to analyze the overlapping contour of KFXU is fatal to it’s claim for preference under Section 307(b).  This is because FCC’s Public Notice DA 07-3521 dated August 9, 2007 specifically requires NCE applicants to include the construction permits of unbuilt FM stations when calculating whether they are entitled to a preference.

Once the bogus claim is thrown out, all competitors go to the point system and our VOICES of REASON Radio has the most points – hands down. We anticipate being selected within 2 or 3 months – not the 8 to 12 months we originally were told. (Everyone gets a 30 day period to appeal any decision.)

That brings up the question of the Founders List. As soon as we are selected, the opportunity to be a Founder will cease.

  • Founders List Will Close

To be a Founder you must have donated or provided in-kind services to our VOICES of REASON Radio effort. Several have done both and their contributions plus the Unitarian Universalist Social Responsibility grant have made this project possible. We will be publishing a Founders List soon. Please consider becoming a Founder.  (Donation form attached.)

Also, please note that Mary Francis has been doing most of the paperwork and accounting for this project and may have made a few mistakes. If I accidentally leave your name off the Founders List, please forgive and let me know.

To date, no one has asked to remain anonymous, but that option was not on the first few donation forms. If you do not wish to have your name made public, please tell me.

  • Ft. Worth UUs Support VOICES of REASON Radio

Isn’t it marvelous how quickly the internet can spread your message? Dr. John Johnson, a member of both Ft. Worth’s First Jefferson Church and Westside UU received Mike Janssen’s article about NUUF’s venture into radio ownership http://futureofmusiccoalition.blogspot.com from his daughter in Seattle who received it from a friend in Edmonds who received it from a friend in Houston! Dr. John contacted me and invited me to speak at the adult forums at both UU churches. The trip not only generated more Founders and Supporters, there is discussion of doing a benefit at First Jefferson’s Freedom Café and possibly a donation from the Change Collection at Westside. Let’s hear it for the Internet and UU friendships!

  • Organizations & Leaders – Tell us who needs to be on the air

Do you have a favorite organization, or know a community volunteer or leader whom you admire? Should they be on the radio?

We have several groups who have expressed an interest in producing or being interviewed for a show, but we know there a many more out there.  We are expanding our list of those interested in producing programs. Now is your chance to increase the visibility of your favorite organization. Send us contact information and we will follow up. Those groups on our list so far include:

_All of Us or None

_Center for Children and Families, Inc

_Oklahoma Health Care Project

_Norman Sustainability Network

_Oklahoma City League of United Latin American Citizens

_Cornbread & Beans Democrats Luncheon

_Cleveland-McLain County Retired Educators’ Association

_OKC Chapter of NAACP

_Mainstream Baptists

_The Peace House

_Red Earth Chapter – Sierra Club

_Oklahomans for New Transportation Alternatives Coalition – ONTRAC

_Oklahoman’s Against NAIS (National Animal Identification System)

_Oklahoma City Chapter of Americans United for Separation of Church and State

_The Alliance for Democracy

_Tell your favorite group about us!

I may have missed a few groups who have already expressed interest. If so, lemme know! mfrancis1@earthlink.net

  • Grassroots Radio Conference – Portland, OR

Oh, my! Where to start? One hundred fifty community radio enthusiasts shared their expertise and experience with newbies and old hands alike. I especially found exciting the discussion about organizing over 200 volunteer producers, DJs and radio show hosts at KBOO, the station which hosted the conference. Engineering Prof. Al Davis of Flint, MI provided a multitude of ideas for cooperatively building the audio boards and other equipment needed to get on the air. Station Managers discussed funding and grants, while experts in underwriting and fundraising told of strategies which worked and those which didn’t.

One of the most valuable and instructive discussions centered on how to remain flexible and avoid ‘programming hogs’. A common problem is the need to cancel a show or move it to a new time. Apparently, a show’s host often comes to believe he or
she ‘owns’ a particular topic or time slot and is unwilling to change the time or format. Working through such problems requires a Program Manager with a strong personality and an objective perspective.

There was sage advice, such as:
–Set ground rules
right away for how we treat each other,
–Put your expectations in writing and make sure all volunteers and programmers agree – in writing,
–Get professional help for fundraising – possibly on commission,
–Treat your volunteers like family,
–Write bylaws early-on which make corporate takeover difficult,
–Establish an ombudsman position.

These folks were definitely intent on forming and maintaining community.  I came home with the firm conviction that a multitude of folks across the country are not only willing, but even anxious to help us newbies succeed.

We’re in good company, folks!

  • Update List … Duplicates?

Did you get a duplicate of this Update? Please tell us! Our Listserv Guru, Prof. Clemencia Rodriguez, is on sabbatical and out of country. I’m not listserv savvy, nor am I sure who has been added and who has not.

We are getting close to 375 Founders and Supporters. If you want to be on the Founders List, please donate or provide some in-kind help (working on business plan, grants, website, spreadsheets, timelines, accounting, keeping track of groups interested in programming or producing a show, etc.) Our Donation Form is attached.

And we are still looking for folks with radio experience or other skills, such as building audio boards or erecting a tower.  In-kind services such as these are invaluable. We know you’re out there!  Call us!

As usual, prior VOICES of REASON Radio Updates are attached.

That’s all for now, folks!
Stay tuned! Community Radio is on its way!

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