VOICES of REASON Radio Grant received! (and other Radio Update news #8)

Published 11 years ago -

VOICES of REASON Radio Grant received

And yes, we now have a listserv, thanks to OU Prof. Clemencia Rodrigeuz!

You are receiving this via our new VOICES (now with an ‘s’, making it plural) of REASON Listserv. We don’t expect much traffic other than the Radio Updates, which go out every 4 or 5 weeks, since we are still in Phase One – waiting for the FCC to tell us we have the Broadcast License (perhaps by April ’09.)

See Clemencia’s message about the listserv below.

About the Grant: We are now over 300 strong and we have been awarded a $5284 grant from the Fund for Unitarian Universalist Social Responsibiliy.  Most of it will go to our legal and engineering needs.  Our attorney, Michael Couzens in collaboration with the new engineer will file an informal objection to the unwarranted 2nd service claim made by a competitor and request a minor modification to move the tower to a friendlier landowner.  We have budgeted about $1000 for Fundraising, Legal Notice, Office, etc.

Front Page Coverage: Mike Janssen has published a delightful article about our Radio endeavor.  You can find it at http://futureofmusiccoalition.blogspot.com/ I tried to get him to interview our Music guru, Susan, but he decided not to focus on the music and wrote about our desire to provide community programming with a secular, local, progressive, grassroots orientation.  Check it out.

Speaking of Fundraisers: I have met three wonderful musicians who regularly do
benefit concerts for those who focus on the Common Good:
–Satirist Roy Zimmerman (Youtube-Creation Science 101), www.royzimmerman.com/ –Folksinger/writer Johnsmith (OU WinterWind favorite) www.johnsmithmusic.com/
–Political Satirist Tom Neilson (The Bard Insurgent)

We hope to schedule them all, one month at a time, in the Fall.

Message from Listserv Guru, Prof. Clemencia Rodriguez: Our listserv is ready to be used. 305 people have been subscribed.  Tell people that:

** the list name is ‘voices’ instead of voice

** for now only list owners (Susan Cogan, Clemencia Rodriguez, Gene Perry and Mary Francis) can send messages to the entire list (to avoid inboxes overflow); if members want to send a message to the list they should send it to Mary and she can re-send it, if the message is pertinent. Later we can change the list configuration and open it up to all members to send messages if and when this is needed. Members should add the listserv address to their email’s address book – voicesofreason-l@lists.ou.edu.

** a public archive will be kept.  Information on the archive will be sent later.

Website: Work on the website is progressing.  The invitation to Graphic Artists to
jump in here is still open.

Anytime you want off our list, just email me – Mfrancis1@earthlink.net.  We hope to have a ‘list cop’ soon who will do the subscribe/unsubscribe, etc.  And as usual, I have attached prior updates for our new folks who want to see what we have accomplished and how we have grown.  And are still growing!

Life is Good!  Community Radio is on it’s way!

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