VOICE of REASON Radio Update #7

Published 11 years ago -

VOICES of REASON Radio Grant received

Hello Founders and Supporters,

Good News! First: Gene Perry, webmaster for Sustainability Norman, has volunteered to design a website for VOICE of REASON Radio. Susan Cogan, NUUF President and graphic artist, is working on a logo. She must finish prior commitments first, but as soon as those are done Susan, Gene and I will collaborate on building the website. Any input from other artists or graphic designers is most welcome. After all, this is Community Radio!

Also, following the Sustainability Conference program, Communications Professor Clemencia Rodriguez approached with an offer to set up a listserv for us. Furthermore, her expertise in communications is in Radio! We definitely are excited to be working with her and the multitude of resources she can bring to this endeavor. Our “Community” just got a lot bigger!

More Good News! We are in the “short stack” of the FCC’s workload. The FCC has sorted through the 3,600 applications received in October and are now working on those who have no competitors, aka, “singletons.” They have also sorted out a group in the 2, 3 and 4 competitor range which they call the “short stack.” That’s us! All the rest of the applicants have 5 or more competitors, aka, “daisy-chains.” One unfortunate group has 72 competitors. We are incredibly lucky to have only 2 competitors.

The FCC estimates they will work through the “short stack” in 8 to 12 months. All the others will probably take years.

And the wait is almost over. In March we applied for a Unitarian Universalist Funding Grant for $5,126 for Phase One of this project. These funds are designated for the anticipated engineering and attorney fees. These fees would include moving the tower and possibly filing a Petition to Deny. Last week, the Chair of the UU Funding Committee called for additional information. She said a decision will be made in about two weeks. Our discussion was very positive and we are delighted to know that the suspense will soon be over.

Phase Two funding will begin after we are granted the Broadcast License. A Federal grant for Phase Two funding is available and applicants no longer must wait for the License in order to start the application process. We will probably start that grant process this summer.

Thanks for your continued support and donations!

Mary Francis

Our Wish List.

1) We could really use some expertise in grant writing. Contact Mary Francis – mfrancis1@earthlink.net

2) Internet streaming and podcasts are possible prior to actually building the station. Volunteers to help with this should contact Susan Cogan – susan.cogan@gmail.com

3) We continue to take donations and pledges of non-interest-bearing loans. The forms are attached.

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