Voices of Reason Radio Update #5

Published 12 years ago -

Happy Lincoln’s Birthday Radio Founders and Supporters!
Wonderful News!!! – – The VOICE of REASON Radio Project now has over 250 Founders and Supporters!

Since over 100 radio advocates have joined within the last two months, all the previous updates are attached.  I have labeled and done a little cleanup on each one.  (OK, a lot of cleanup.) :^)

We now know that the FCC received over 3,600 applications.  We have no idea where we are in that stack, of course, so the waiting game continues.  The attorney and engineers have warned us that it could be a year or more.

In the meantime, there is plenty to do.  Jim Vernon, Chan, Susan and I are working on a Business Plan and planning to do Podcasts and Internet Streaming.  Our NUUF President, Susan Cogan, is taking the lead on the idea of starting podcasts as soon as we get the Broadcast License.  After the Construction Permit (CP) is granted, Podcasts will introduce our station while we apply for grants and start actual
physical construction of the station and tower.

Once again, I am attaching the Contour for the VOICE of REASON signal, since our new Founders and Supporters have not seen it.

Pacifica continues to hold Wednesday phone conferences for us with guest experts on many topics such as internet streaming, grant writing, budgeting, and hand-holding in general. Several of us are new to radio and the wealth of help and advice provided has been absolutely priceless.  Not only that, once we are up and running, Pacifica has promised us a YEAR of FREE Programming!

Signing off for now!
Mary Francis

Chair, NUUF Radio Advisory Committee

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