Voices of Reason Radio Update #4

Published 12 years ago -

Hello Radio Advocates and Happy Solstice!  It only gets brighter from now on!

We have 41 new folks to add to this VOICE of REASON update, plus the 13 added last week – that makes us a total of 138!!!  (I take my clipboard everywhere I go!)

I’ve also attached (again) a map of the area we will cover … from Chickasha to about Moore.  After the station (89.7 FM) is up and running we can apply for a repeater station to broadcast on into OKC and strengthen the Norman signal.

If you want to be a Founder or Supporter of the VOICE of REASON Project, just let me know and I’ll send you the Pledge Form.  We are holding open the window for Founders until the FCC rules on who gets the license.  That may be a while, since over 3,000 applied!

I have been talking with one of our 2 competitors and it looks like they not only have problems with their engineer, they also have very little knowledge of how the FCC works and have not published their Public Notice nor established a Public File.  In addition, neither of the competitors can beat us on the point system since both are outside the 25 mile radius required for localism. We may not have to do anything to win this, but it’s always better to check out the competition, so that’s what we are doing.

I just spoke with the friendly landowners and it looks like we will adjust our tower site.  The great news is one of our volunteer engineers, Jeff Sibert, has agreed to do that after we all finish our Christmas vacations. One other engineer offered to do it for $500.00 (a bargain, actually) but Jeff is doing it “for the love of community radio.”  He is also the one who alerted us to the engineering mistake one of the competitors made.  Once again, I am just in awe of the generous nature of progressive radio folks.

That’s all from the VOICE of REASON Project!

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