Voices of Reason Radio Update #3

Published 12 years ago -

NUUF’s VOICE of REASON Project is still growing in numbers and pledges!
This update goes out to 84 as a BCC (as requested, for privacy sake.) And there are several I don’t have email addresses for, so we’ll need to mail.

Since our last update (attached those founders/supporters who just recently joined) there have been several developments.

1) The FCC has set a window for settlement opportunities.  If your air space overlaps with another applicant, you are MXed (Mutually eXclusive) andsomeone has to ‘give’ – or possibly withdraw from part of the air space so that overlap does not occur.  If the 2 (in our case 3) MXed parties can agree on new air space that does not overlap, then all can obtain a broadcast license.  The Settlement Period runs until Jan. 7 and after that the FCC will start making decisions about who gets the license.

2) We have discovered that we are MXed by 2 Christian groups.  Both have applied for the same frequency (89.7 FM) and air space as ours (between Chichasha and Moore … see attached map.)  We believe the FCC will throw one out on technical grounds since they “forgot” to include one of the
existing radio stations which covers the area they claim.  Not including that station would have made them the winner.  But FCC rules require them to list ALL overlapping stations and we will point that out after the Jan. 7th settlement period is over, should the FCC not find it earlier and dismiss their

3) The other competitor is not able to claim the localism points (all Board members living within 25 miles of your City of License.)   This gives us the advantage! We are very optimistic. Still, we are searching the competition’s records and application for other errors, and indeed, we have found another
problem and possibly two!  “We’re makin’ a list and checkin’ it twice.” … sorry … just couldn’t help myself.  ;^{)

4) We have also found much friendlier land owners who will allow us to build a tower.  We are planning to make a “minor change” to our application to move the tower site from the “grumpy” land owner to our new friendly folks.  This new site is also going to be cheaper to access when we get ready to build the tower and run electricity to it.  This, of course, requires more services from our engineer, but the savings will be greater than a factor of ten of our engineering costs.  This turn of events put a big smile on my face!

5) On our Wed. phone conference with Pacifica, we spoke with several other engineers and radio station owners who are volunteering to develop some open source software, audio boards and other studio equipment to be shared with all of the “radio newbies” (that’s definitely us, folks) and thereby save a bundle of money on building the station!

I am constantly amazed at the generosity of these wonderful folks who have patiently walked me through this process.  Renews yer faith … yup … the world still has a few warm and fuzzy spots.

This has been a fabulous adventure.  Thanks for coming along on this ‘roller coaster radio ride‘ and remember – this is probably a 2 or 3 year process, but in the end, our VOICE of REASON will prevail and We Will Have Progressive Radio.  You can quote me on that!

Happy Holidays and stay tuned!

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