Voices of Reason Radio Update #2

Published 12 years ago -

From our Attorney, Michael Couzens!
“Application has been filed.”

Oct. 20, 2007 — And Thursday night, right after we got our exhibits and forms filed, the FCC site crashed!  (Too many others trying to upload their data.)  In response, the FCC extended the filing period to Oct. 22nd (Monday) which gives competitors over the weekend to file for the same air space and frequency we filed for.  Problem: we don’t want them to know our frequency or air space.
Therefore, I will wait until Monday to announce the exact location of our air space and frequency.

(Note added later: A map of our Frequency contour, 89.7 FM, is now attached to all updates. mf)

The next step is to publish legal notices in the paper,  wait for the FCC to process all the applications … maybe in about 2 months, get all our other paperwork, budget,etc. in order and continue to look for pledges of loans or gifts.  According to the engineers, the first two qualifiers (providing 1st NCE service or 2nd service) are eliminated for everyone!  This is a HUGE advantage for us.  Unless there is a technically superior application by one of the competitors (we doubt it, since 4 engineers reviewed the exhibits and data,) the process goes into the “point system”  where we have a definite advantage.

By the way, 2 engineers-Jeff Sibert and Jeremy Styninger,  were volunteers and the other 2, Keith Hammond and Rocky Moncho, worked for under the normal cost!!! The attorney, Michael Couzens also has 25 years experience and national reputation.  Pacifica recommended him and he generously contracted for approximately a third of his normal fee.  When he saw my quote –
“Now is the time to speak truth to religious charlatans.” - his response was, “Right On!”
Once we are granted a Broadcast License, we have 3 years to build.  And the Feds have a wonderful grant program available ONLY for groups who do secular programming … that’s us!  No free money for the Religious Right (or Left.)  Grants range from 75% to sometimes 100% of all capital expenses!
Any good grant writers out there ready and willing to jump in here?  If so, gimme a call and, once we win the license, we’ll jump on that money!!!

I will propose to the NUUF Board that we hold the door open for Founding Members for another few weeks.  To become a Founder, just sign a pledge of support (gift or loan.)  All levels are welcome.  Those who have already pledged should let me know if we may use your name.  (The first few pledge forms I used did not have a place to indicate that … hey, I can’t think of everything!)  Also, a phone number and/or email address would be good to know.  (We know where you live. :^) )

My first venture into the radio acquisition process has been as scary and exciting as a kid’s first roller-coaster ride!  Thanks to all who have kept me company on this ride and especially the beautiful people at Pacifica, Common Frequency, Radio For People, Prometheus, Public Radio Capital, UUA, UUFP, UUCSR Veatch Program, and the Norman UU Fellowship.  This has been a genuine community effort which spanned the nation. It has renewed my faith in the generosity of people and our progressive values. I thank you, one and all.

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