Voices of Reason Radio Update #1

Published 12 years ago -

Hi Everyone, The VOICE of REASON Project is off and running!  Here’s a recap.

We have a Broadcast Engineer, a Communications Attorney, a Budget, a Workplan and the beginnings of a Board! The Norman UU Fellowship agreed to be our sponsor, but they are too far away to meet FCC licensing requirements for points, so we are currently looking for a non-profit in NW OKC or even further NW. Our Engineer can work out a specific area and distances.  Rev. Dr. Robin Meyers, author of Why the Christian Right is Wrong, has agreed to help. He will take our proposal to his Board & others.

In the meantime, I am writing a UUA grant proposal. I have found that there is also a Corporation for Public Broadcasting grant program and, of course, there is the Veatch grant program. And once the license is granted, we can apply forthe big Federal grant from the PublicTelecommunications Facilities Program. PTFP is an annual program at the U.S. Commerce Department that awards grants to public radio for purchase of equipment. We have received and continue to receive amazing help from Pacifica, RadioForPeople, CommonFrequency, Public Radio Capital, FreePress.net and the UUA Staff,
especially District Coordinator Heather Bond and Janiece Sneegas. Unsolicited pledges from Don, Jim, Teresa, Mary and Anonymous have already been put to use. Thank you! Also, thanks to Sam Fredrickson for volunteering to do some fundraising. Truth be told, the generous discount offers
from Attorney Michael Couzens and Engineer Terry Keith Hammond are a big reason why The VOICE of REASON Project has come together. We expect multiple filings from the right-wing elements who have snapped up so much air space in the past. This FCC air space is the last available,and therefore, this process is our last opportunity to get our voice out there.

The filing window is Oct. 12-19. There is no time to waste. Here is what we need:
1) Comments to the FCC by Sept. 6.
We expect multiple filings from the right-wing elements who have
snapped up so much air space in the past. The FCC must be encouraged
to limit filings from one party to a maximum of ten. (See
2) Founding members who will pledge their support.
3) A diverse Board of Directors
4) People to quietly spread the word (Please don’t leak our plans to potential
opponents, but we must show the FCC that The VOICE of REASON Project
has community support.)
If you didn’t see the Bill Moyers program about community radio, go to:
http://www.pbs.org/moyers/journal/08242007/watch.html and learn why it is so important to acquire this air space. Thank you for your time. Please give us a little more of it by commenting to the FCC. There’s an easy comment-filing tool with regards to the applicationlimit for full-power non-commercial stations at this address:  www.freepress.net/fcc/comment.php?dn=fullpowerradio
My attachments include a sample letter and more information.

And thank you for supporting The VOICE of REASON Project.

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